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About Us
Saedi industrial Group, the largest collection of soaring production equipment in industrial Washer of the year 1972 has started its activities to continuous and dynamic presence in the field of industrial year in many years using professional and efficient forces could section a major centers of mass can equip the most significant to them Iranian Club, Dubai, Daryush Hotel Kish Island, Iran Tourism and Touring residential centers, centers under Parsian Hotel Group, Hotels Group Kothari, 72 years of continuous cooperation with Out of the IRGC, the equipment of most centers, shopping centers, police force, army barracks equipped army, municipalities, equipping hospitals Co. Housing, Ministry of Health and many state and private companies cited.
The company in 2008 markets with the aim of effective internal and external quality level and technical upgrading of their products using new tools and machines using experienced technical and engineering group, to create and change their products in the field has achieved that ultimately, these actions lead to the company to receive ISO 9001-2000 certification UKAS-IEC and production of steam boilers, hot water in different sizes with "No. standard" was.
Industrial Group is proud to soaring Tvlsdat able to stage given that the quality competitive with foreign models, and appropriate market price can.
The company is ready in consultation, design, construction and equipping Khaneh Edifice variety of industrial and service and warranty Tvlydatsh while using your comments customers, promotes cooperation conducted with them.

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